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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after I call you?
We offer a free phone consultation and will set up the first appointment at one of our offices or your home for an initial evaluation.

A second appointment can then be scheduled to develop a treatment plan and determine the frequency of intervention as well as the method of communication that is preferred by the family.

What type of hearing loss is required to receive auditory therapy?
Anyone with any type or degree of hearing loss is eligible for our services. We have experience serving both the cochlear implant and hearing aid population.

What should I do if I think my child has hearing loss?
See a licensed audiologist for hearing testing or a physician who specializes in conditions of the ear such as an ENT doctor or an otologist.

Should I wait to begin therapy until my child is older?
No! It's of critical importance to start right away. Studies have shown the earlier the child starts learning language and listening the better the child's language and communication skills will be.

How can I help my child develop auditory skills?
An auditory therapist can help you to develop appropriate goals and activities based on a developmental hierarchy. These activities should be enjoyable and support your child's ability to listen throughout the day.

What is the goal of auditory therapy?
Clients are taught to develop listening as a way of life, integrated throughout their day.

What kind of strategies can I use to help my child listen?
-Improve the listening conditions (i.e. Turn off the TV or roll up car windows)
-Point out the source of the sound (say "I hear the phone ring")
-Respond to your child's communication
-Use routines and relevant vocabulary
-Talk about what you are doing (self talk)
-Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants should be worn all waking hours except when in the shower, pool or while sleeping.
-Listening should take place throughout the ENTIRE DAY.

Are parents allowed to participate in therapy?
Definitely!! Parents are an integral part of the therapy and will be a strong determinate of success. The therapist will often use the parents as a model for the child. This will help the family learn how to be the "therapist" after they have left the office so that listening becomes part of the child's life.

Will my child be evaluated to see if auditory therapy is needed?
Yes, a formal and informal evaluation will take place during the 1st or 2nd meeting with the client or family.

Have you worked with children that have bilateral cochlear implants?
Yes, we have had children with bilateral cochlear implants.

Is it necessary for my child to have therapy if (s)he has a cochlear implant?
A person who has recently received a cochlear implant needs to have auditory therapy to learn how to make sounds and information meaningful.

My child has profound hearing loss. Can (s)he still learn to speak and listen?
Yes, even children with profound hearing loss can learn to speak and listen using the right amplification equipment (HA and/or CI). The younger the child, the more success they will have with auditory learning.

Do you dispense hearing aids?
No, we do not.

Do you map cochlear implants?
No, we do not.