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Jodi, Parent

I’m so thankful to have found and worked with Dr. Cohen at ListenHear. Both of my kids have made significant improvements under her guidance. Night and day difference. I can’t say enough good things!

Alicia, Parent

My son is 6. He was a typical child struggling through kindergarten after missing much of pre-k, secondary to COVID lockdowns. Dr Rachel worked with my son once a week for 15 weeks. The gains were immediately noticed. He became excited to learn. He wouldn’t get anxious when sounding words out. And at the end of the treatment he was reading!!!!

Katie, Parent

We are so very blessed to have found ListenHEAR audiology. I was told years ago my son had an auditory processing disorder (APD) but there was no treatment for it. When I learned that there was a treatment for it I began to search for an audiologist that treats APD, that’s how I found ListenHEAR. After three months of therapy, my son‘s reading has gone from a third to a fifth grade level and now he can follow 2-3 step directions. Thank you Dr. Cohen and Dr. Baylee this therapy has been life-changing for our family!

Jacquelynn, Parent

So thankful for Dr. Cohen's experience and knowledge! The information, access and communication is superb! I can't recommend enough.

Alice, Parent

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Engelhardt have helped my daughter tremendously. She suffered a concussion that resulted in significant sound sensitivity and prevented her from participating in regular activities. She could not concentrate in the classroom due to difficulty processing sounds. However, her therapies with Listenhear completely changed her quality of life. Within a few weeks of starting treatment, my daughter could tolerate louder sounds and noisy rooms. She could concentrate in class without being distracted by others making noise. We are so grateful that she has improved and no longer avoids noisy environments. Listenhear is truly amazing.


Dixie, Parent

We have been extremely lucky to find Dr. Cohen at ListenHear. My child was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. The school said there was nothing we could do to increase my child’s skills. They could only provide accommodations. When we found Dr. Cohen, she informed us there was in fact therapy that could help my little one regain and develop APD skills. We attended online therapy sessions with Dr. Cohen and have seen so much improvement. Dr. Cohen is one of the most patient and kind doctors we have had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of APD is incredible. She gave us hope where we were lacking before. It wasn’t just the hope either, she followed through and helped improve my little one’s areas of deficiency. We are very grateful to Dr. Cohen for all of her help. We wholeheartedly recommend her if you too need help with APD. What she has done for our family is amazing.

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