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Melanie, Parent

Dr. Rachel Cohen is a highly professional, caring, and knowledgeable audiologist in the SWFL area. My child's teacher and I had concerns about his hearing due to a few areas he was struggling with in school and at home, in particular regarding verbal directions and oral tests. We booked an appointment with Dr. Cohen, who ran extensive tests and was able to pinpoint a deficiency that can be corrected with treatment. I was impressed with her knowledge of which tests to administer and her ability to make my son feel comfortable and confident during the testing. Although we have yet to follow through with the treatment, the final report gave us some helpful information and suggestions to share with his teachers, as well as some simple activities to help improve my son's auditory processing. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen's services to anyone who thinks their child may have an issue with their hearing. You will not be disappointed!

Sabrina, Parent

We can't thank  you Dr. Cohen enough for everything you have done and are doing for our son.  

Theresa, Parent

Thank you for everything! I feel so much better having a plan to move forward.  I am truly grateful for you and the services and information you provide.  It truly does take a village and I am so thankful you are in ours. You have soothed this momma's heart and soul.

Alicia, Parent

My son is 6. He was a typical child struggling through kindergarten after missing much of pre-k, secondary to Covid lock-downs. However, half way through the year the teachers realized he wasn’t just struggling but not making any gains in reading and writing. Our school recommended Dr Rachel Cohen to test for auditory processing disorder. After initial testing it was confirmed that his ears and his brain were not working symbiotically. So as parents, we decided to move forward with intervention. Dr Rachel worked with my son once a week for 15 weeks. The gains were immediate noticed. He became excited to learn. He wouldn’t get anxious when sounding words out. And at the end of the treatment he was reading!!!!
Dr Rachel was so wonderful with my son. She is very caring and made my son very comfortable. She was always very accessible if I had any questions or concerns. She was on Good Neighbor Podcast recently which was awesome! I highly recommend her!!!!

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